A site to help Biochemists learn R.

R for Biochemists is attending and speaking at Battle of the Beards , Cardiff, March 29, 2017 and planning R training to Namabia as part of Project Phoenix

Starting points

Visual Index

Here is a visual guide of selected visualisations available on R for Biochemists:
Domain structure of a protein

Bubble map of the knowledge economy

SQL Relay Locations in ggplot

Wordle showing what I tweet about

Visualizing a distance matrix

Disease Burden in Wales - faceted ggplot for SQL Relay

Plotting the values from a microscope picture of a leukaemia cell

Athena SWAN stacked barchart

Facetted enzyme kinetics plots in ggplot

Venn Diagram of Protein Lists

Protein Assay plotting with base R

Protein Assay plotted with ggplot

Cell death curve plotted with ggplot

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